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Static website designing

Static website designing

Our staff creates a unique and creative layout for every static website we design. We are a site structuring organization which never duplicate anything from the web. We deliver the quality result within your budget.

Static website designing

The Static site is as essential Website that contains site pages with fixed substance. Each page is coded in HTML, it shows a similar data to every one of the guests. The substance of each page can't be changed by the client, just the Webmaster can refresh the substance. The Static site functions admirably when you need a little site, say on the off chance that you need 4-5 pages than its great.Then again, if pages are in excess of 5 it is difficult to keep up a Static Website.

Sakhi Info Tech has a good experience in static website design. The Static site contains countless are structured utilizing formats. Which refreshes a few pages at the single purpose of time. It is additionally useful a convey a predictable format all through the site. For instance, in the event that we put your organization inventory on the web it will be called static site.

Features of Static Website

Good for Small Concern: This design is best for a small organization, with a low budget. It is the best way to show your online presence.

Fundamental Website and Very Easy to Design: It is exceptionally simple to structure, these sites don't require any web programming or database plan.

Little data: These sites have data about your organization on the landing page. The site page contains data about administrations, items and correspondence subtleties.